LOGAN Ambassador Receives AFP Award

Jamie McGraw is famous around ‘these here parts’not only among the LOGAN faithful and the South Bend Medical Foundation where he works, but also out and about in our community. Yet to have him recognized at the annual American Fundraising Professionals luncheon takes fame to a new level, even for Jamie. The story of Jamie’s Challenge solidified him as the best candidate to receive the AFP 2013 Volunteer Fund Raiser Award. In Jamie’s case, that award could also be termed the ‘Fun Raiser Award’ for the classic atmosphere of fun he creates surrounding everything he does.

Over the years, Jamie has become perhaps one of LOGAN’s most visible and hardworking ambassadors. This was never more evident than this past summer. Jamie, knowing that it was the 10th anniversary for LOGAN’s Run, was intent on making the 2013 event the best ever in terms of participation, awareness and monies raised. Somehow he knew that he had to challenge himself and others to up the ante for this year’s Run.

Out of that dedication to the eventand to LOGANan idea took shape in the form of Jamie’s Challenge. Busy as Co-Race Director on race day, Jamie decided to schedule his own 5K just a couple of weeks before. A team worked hard to rally donors and sponsors for Jamie’s Challenge. Leading the charge was Jamie’s employerthe South Bend Medical Foundation. They capitalized on Jamie’s passion for blood donors to give $5 for every blood donor who used the code word ‘Jamie’ during the summer. His co-workers donned shirts stating Blood, Sweat and No Tears in support of their good friend.

Rallying supporters on Challenge day was easy. People lined the route which took Jamie from downtown South Bend, through Eddy Street Commons and finally to Notre Dame. A fully decorated golf cart blaring his favorite tunes and equipped with orange Gatorade (Jamie’s favorite) served as Jamie’s pacer vehicle.

Although Jamie relished in the fanfare, he never lost sight of raising money and increasing participation for LOGAN’s Run. His personal goal of raising $10K seemed lofty, even unattainable. But Jamie never flinched. He was confident that people would rally around his cause. And, rally they did!  In the end, Jamie surprised everyoneexcept perhaps himselfby raising $15,120.53 for LOGAN’s Run. 

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